Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh, Deck the Halls, Why Don't You?

Christmas shopping this week and very jolly it has been too. I have had excellent service from staff in The Works .... excuse the pause, I was trying to think of some others where people had gone the extra mile, but do you know, I can't think of a single one. Today, I bought a coffee, a hot chocolate and two cakes in a garden centre called Blooms at a ruinous £9.75 and at no point did any of the staff even bother to make eye contact - one was berating the other about some minor infringement involving a Festive Muffin and apparently that was more important than serving me like a human being.

Supermarkets are worse, although I must say the bakery manager in Morrisons was very pleasant although ultimately not very helpful because he had never heard of Tunis Cake but could show me where he kept his mince pies, which was a little startling, though very festive, no doubt. I bought two slices of quiche and some anchovies in the very same store and had them actually thrown at me by the very testy woman on the deli - and this with another 20 days to go. Ho ho ho, madam - wait till the reindeer shit really starts hitting the fan.

Today it is snowing at one end of the road and not at the other. Trains from the west are not running through Barnes, which is odd, because the snow is supposed to be in the east. The postman has brought three Christmas cards from people who have signed their names as Squiggle and family, a Damart catalogue, a begging letter from various charities and a rather dog-eared Lakeland catalogue addressed to three doors down.

So - decking the halls sounds like a plan; at least you don't have to go outside!

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